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The SKIN workshop – The first in my new series

Last week was an exciting one for me as I received my first batch of newly designed blends that I have just rebranded in keeping with all the other changes I have been making over the last 9 months.  It also marked the start of my new workshops series I kicked things off with The SKIN workshop, which was fully booked and I even had a lady so keen to join that she watched virtually via zoom.

As you might know I nearly gave up on my blends last year and had felt a bit lost with what direction I was going in after moving back to the UK 18 months ago (I lived abroad for 7 years which is where I set up my business and at the time I left I was well established and very successful). Coming home brought tough times as everything I had built up was crumbling, but, not one to stay down for long I brushed myself down and looked through positive eyes which gave me a new direction, I had to completely start from scratch which was daunting and scary at first then became really exciting bringing new opportunities and ideas.  I also started working with an amazing and inspirational business mentor who has been pinning me down to be accountable to my goals and positively driving me towards them.  I don’t think I have ever felt as inspired or motivated as I am right now – I am so excited about what is coming next….

Firstly I am so love with my new packaging, it just feels so right and resonates perfectly with everything that I feel my brand is.  When I first designed my packaging 2 and a half years ago I didn’t do any branding exercises, I designed them based on what I liked and what I felt suited the product.  Since doing a branding exercise last year it enabled me to look at my brand, values and where I saw it placed, from this my graphic designer created a brand bible which has made so many aspects of my business easier.  I feel confident that my newly branded products will go far to reach, benefit and support so many more women.  The feedback I get continues to amaze me, just yesterday one of my clients wrote to me and said that drinking hot I AM Beautiful was her saviour when bed bound with a nasty virus that is going around.

So last week Tuesday the blends arrived and Wednesday was the start of the new workshop series. Why are these different or special you might wonder?   Well, the series will have more structure (which I need) but will also be more focused on health, nutritional tips and recipes for the topic which is SKIN, ENERGY, WEIGHT LOSS. These topics sit beautifully next to my blends which I created based on the feedback from the 100’s of women who had come to my workshops in the past – these are clearly topics of interest for us ladies!  What do you think?

Each month will feature a different workshop with 3 recipes and various MIND.BODY.NUTIRTION tips, tools and resources to support the topic plus £10 off any blend purchase with the ticket price paid (its £25 to come to a workshop).  The bigger picture of this structure is to put this into a program that can then be rolled out and replicated to other groups of ladies.  I am planning to have a small team of Beautiful Blenders!

Wednesdays workshop was great, I had a full house (or table) with one lady on zoom which also gave me a great idea to offer the workshop out to other ladies who are further afield and unable to join us personally.  The feedback was amazing and she thoroughly enjoyed watching from the comfort of her sofa, the only thing she did miss out on was tasting the food but she still benefited from £10 off her bag of I AM Beautiful.

I made some really delicious but simple recipes at the workshop including a batch of Beauty Balls which featured skin loving LUCUMA known as the “Gold of the Incas”, a great healing ingredient, I also made the simplest Beauty Bark which is a frozen recipe with yoghurt and my I AM Beautiful powder – this was a show stopper, the ease and taste blew the women away and finally I made a Beauty Bowl salad containing all the vital vitamins and minerals we need for gorgeous skin and anti-inflammatory ingredients including a vibrant yellow turmeric dressing.

The BODY element of the workshop featured what our nutritional needs  are for skin health (tone, texture, appearance and anti-ageing) and the MIND element focused on how we think about ourselves and the effects of stress, this was the cause of my horrendous adult acne in my early 30’s which is now thankfully well behind me!  I also spoke about the importance of not comparing ourselves to others and the damaging effects of thinking we should be look younger, skinner, prettier (social media has a big influence on this).  Our skin is where we LIVE and it houses all that makes us so a negative relationship with it could essentially have an effect on its overall health, I shared some great self love tips and tools here which were positively noted.

I received great feedback from the ladies which has been hugely helpful for planning the next now which is The ENERGY workshop on 19 March (BOOK HERE).  This is a subject close to my heart as I have suffered with Burn Out on numerous occasions over the last 8 years.  I will be talking about what to eat for energy, what not to eat and and energy productive mindset.  If you would be interested in joining via zoom please also get in touch, I haven’t got a payment link set up for this yet but if you get in touch here then I will give you more info.

Following Energy is The WEIGHT LOSS workshop on 30 April which is just in time for summer and again will feature eating for a lean body and the benefits of a body positive mindset for a confident body this summer.

Finally, if you would like to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis you can get in touch here. Also drop me a message if you would like more details on the amazing women I have been working with this year who have helped me with my business or design work.

Thanks for reading and for your amazing continued support, I look forward to connecting with you soon at a workshop or by the magic of the virtual world we live in soon!


Naomi x



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The SKIN workshop - The first in my new series

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