Mind. Body. Nutrition.

“This has been a fantastic, thought-provoking, inspirational and diverse program. I have loved the fact that it has embraced more than just weight loss and given me so many other areas of my life to reflect on. The way it has been presented and the materials provided have also been very comprehensive. Thank you!”

Sacha Williams

“I have had Type 2 diabetes and have been injecting insulin for a number of years. My daughter suggested that I try I AM Lean to see if this could help the condition and I’m pleased to say that having tried it for a just over month, it really has helped to reduce the level of insulin that inject by 10 units. I am also taking taking I AM Cleansed and have that my skin on my face and hands is much brighter and healthier. Overall I’m loving these products.”

Mina Patel

“It has really got my afternoon sugar cravings under control, which in turn has led to a 4 pound drop in weight without really trying to change my diet. It has also been good for my skin”

Deborah Barker

I loved your informal, relaxed and interesting class and meeting the lovely ladies at your workshop too Your recipes and smoothies are delicious! I felt ‘full’ for most of the day and I didn’t look for, or snack on the usual ‘comfort’ foods that I usually crave for. I found it inspiring and so informative, a great introduction to nutrition, vitamins and a healthy diet.

Deni Hooper

Energise my body, sharpen my mind, satisfy my sweet tooth, boost my metabolism! I mix mine with coconut yoghurt or oil to make sweet little bites.  The taste is beautiful; pure and natural – nothing untrue is added.  It resonates with my consciousness and echoes my values.

Kim Summerson

Naomi is one the best coaches i have met, she saved me, I have not flown for many years and had to go see my mother in the United States, which was 13 hours away. I was so scared and did not know what to do, Naomi guided me through my fears, recommended tapping and hypnotherapy and I flew!!

Kellie Delkeskamp

I was a bit apprehensive to try Naomi’s superfood blends because I thought they might taste funny, but I was definitely surprised with how good they taste! I have been drinking the I am cleansed or I am lean blend every morning shaken with lime and ginger infused water and it’s amazing.


Thank you for all your advises and great suggestions. I truly love all your products. They are the ideal foods to me. It is incredible that Naomi could make these ideal products for such a reasonable price range.

Dr. Noriko BONAFEDE,. Psy. D.

Naomi is truly passionate about a healthy and balanced lifestyle and this comes through in her personality, recipes and Naomi‘s Kitchen range. I contacted Naomi on Instagram after seeing a several accounts I follow personally recommending a number of her products. In the first week of January I have quickly become addicted to her I AM Cleansed.



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