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Adaptogens – What’s the Buzz About?

Adaptogens are the “new” buzz in town, the more common ones being Maca and Rhodiola and lesser known ones including Schisandra and Shilajit. They have actually been used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese medicine yet it’s only now that the Western world are realising and accepting their superpowers for health and skin.

Psychodermatology is a fast growing term that describes the connection between mind and skin and addresses the link between our emotional state, the body’s physiological response to our emotional state, and the outcome of this response on our skin, body, health and wellbeing.

Put simply, stress can have a negative impact on skin’s health, and adaptogens have incredible abilities to restore it. Adaptogens derive from harsh environments which makes them incredibly powerful and able to retain their core benefits. They might be foremost known in the health space due to their stress busting qualities, but this is also what makes them beneficial in skin care.

High levels of the stress hormone Cortisol increases oil production in the skin which creates an environment prone to breakouts. This can also cause dark circles, irritation, redness or wrinkles and fine lines. A recent study even showed that a stress-triggered hormone called glucocorticoid can lead to or worsen psoriasis. Certain adaptogens like Ashwagandha possess alkaloids that act on the nervous system to ease anxiety, while other adaptogens like Schisandra are rich in antioxidants and support the liver in detoxification. All and all, adaptogens are serious ‘skinside out’ team players.

For example,  my ‘I AM Beautiful’blend is a protein-rich blend of the most antioxidant abundant super berries and key skin repairing vitamins and minerals. It’s bursting with collagen-producing vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, all which are vital for glowing, radiant and younger looking skin. Adding adaptogens to our day to day rituals will not only allow us to discover a calmerself,but opens up for a mind-skin connection and a beautiful complexion.



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Adaptogens - What's the Buzz About?

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