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2018 Lessons Learned and Reflection.

As another year comes to a close I am sitting in bed reflecting on the events of year that I am about to leave.  Our brains are programmed to look for danger so the first thoughts that come to mind are all negative.

I started the 2018 as I always do with positivity, determination, enthusiasm, intention and ambition.  I made my vision board and was feeling happy to be back in the UK with all that I had ahead of me.  2017 had been a particularly hard year as we moved back to the UK after 7 years living abroad and the upheaval was mentally, emotionally and physically challenging.  I also had some difficulties with my business which caused me to doubt myself, my product and everything I was doing, despite that I went into 2018 feeling confident that it would be a better year.

I was right, 2018 was a better year but thats not to say that it didn’t have it’s problems too.  The issues started early on in the year when we were told that the rental we had not long moved into was going on the market and we would be moving yet again making it the 10th move in 8 years!  At first this was my biggest nightmare, another move but soon I saw the positives – we had the opportunity to buy a permanent home which was something I had yearned for for years, I was desperate for stability for myself and the children.  I had represented this on my vision board and it had manifested quicker than anticipated!  There was of course the usual stress and more that goes with a house move but we moved into our new home in May.  I am so happy and grateful for my home and every day I drive into my close I smile and say “thank you, I love my home”

My body doesn’t handle stress well and the stress of the house move along with business challenges plus feeling lonely and isolated caused me to collapse with exhaustion at Easter – this was a really low point for me and sent me spiralling downwards, I have to admit it did have me worried for a while.  But, what happens when we fall down?  We get back up, dust ourselves down and stand up taller than before and that is exactly what I did.

When I first burnt out I felt angry, I thought it was unfair that this was happening to me, it was not how I had planned or imagined my return to the UK to be and I started to doubt my decision to come back and worry I had made the wrong decision as everything seemed to be falling to pieces.

Then I saw my burnout was a blessing.

After getting a little bit of psychic help and reassurance (the first thing the psychic said was – you made the right decision coming back – phew!) I started to pick up the pieces and put them back together to create a new picture as clearly the old one wasn’t working.  Due to the stress that comes with having a product range (there are a few as I am sure you can imagine) I decided that I needed to let them go, I didn’t feel that I could cope with them alongside everything else.  But I decided to rethink my business giving it a complete makeover and rebrand which I love – HELLO Nourish by Naomi

Once we had moved I took some time out over the summer and thanks to encouragement and support of my friends who saw me develop the blends and a good dose of mental space I reassessed my initial decision to quit and decided to continue after all! Shortly after this decision I got them into Harrods Pharmacy which was a huge achievement and the reassurance that I needed – Harrods is the worlds most luxurious store and they love my product!

This was the confidence boost I needed which inspired me to create a Women’s Wellness Coaching Facebook group called The NOURISHED Woman and start to collaborate with local women such as the amazing Jess from YogiTribe together we created a powerful Women’s group called Soul Sister Circle aimed at bringing women together to help them feel more connected and empowered.  My experience earlier in the year and the loneliness I felt was a big influence for this concept, I wanted to bring women together to help them avoid feeling how I had.

Another high point of the year was taking part in Monaco Masterchef where I got through to the semi-finals, this was an incredible experience which pushed me out of my cookery comfort zone into a new territory which I completely embraced.  I entered the competition with one goal – to have fun and I achieved that…. easily!

So 2018 threw me some challenges but from everything it sent me there was a lesson and something greater for me.  Life doesn’t happen to us it happens for us and through our hardest times come our greatest successes, the trick is taking the time to reflect as ask the question…..

What is this experience teaching me?

I journal a lot when I am feeling challenged, I write out endless questions that I answer to bring me closer to the lesson so that I can move on.  It is a such a powerful practice that helps to bring me out of a downwards spiral much quicker.  This is a practice I also do with the ladies that I coach and proves successful with them too – so I really recommend trying it if needed.


My biggest lesson learnt in 2018 was the power of planning.  I felt disorganised in many ways this year, my planning wasn’t consistent and a lot of the time I felt I was chasing my tail making more work for myself never getting on top.  I have made it my mission to plan my year ahead and have been working on a month by month plan for my business going forward.

I am confident that 2019 is going to be a amazing year, I have got lots of workshops planned and will be a guest speaker for some really exciting events.  I am planning on recruiting some Beautiful Blenders – (blend sales reps) and coaching women 1-2-1 PLUS LOTS more … but I don’t want to give everything away just yet!!

So as we approach midnight I am about to go to bed thinking how amazing this year has been and how grateful I am for EVERYTHING that has happened even the painful, challenging parts. I am however ready to leave those parts in 2018 and only intend on taking forward the positives with me into 2019!

So this leaves me just to thank you for your support, for reading my blogs and all your amazing comments throughout the year.  I sincerely wish you the most wonderful 2019, may it be filled with love, laughter, happiness, success and abundance.

If you would like to know how I can help you set your intentions or reach your health goals please get in touch for a chat.

Love Naomi x

P.S please share your reflections for 2018 and/or your intentions for 2019 in the comments below, I would love to hear from you – thank you xx



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2018 Lessons Learned and Reflection.

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