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HI, my name is Naomi Buff

Welcome to Nourish by Naomi your guide to MIND.BODY.NUTRITION 
I am a MIND.BODY.NUTRITION Coach and work with women globally to help them break relentless cycles of stress, low energy and weight gain.

I coach women 1-2-1, run regular workshops and have online courses plus a range of Adaptogen powdered blends that are stocked in Harrods!  

Life is pretty busy but I love what I do and I am excited to share my passion for women’s health and wellness with you.  

Here you find my Mind and Body tips, tools and resources to help you regain balance back and in your life and fall back in love with the most important person in your life – YOU


Do you feel that your life lacking the balance of salads and smiles?  

You aren’t alone.  I struggled for years to find a healthy balance and I didn’t smile much either!  

I used to be really restrictive and had a bad relationship with myself and food.  But through studying Holistic Health Coaching and Eating Psychology I have navigated my way through my toughest and most challenging times to heal myself.

 I am also proud to say that I have recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and successfully run a business while raising my 2 Children – Ella 15 and Charlie 9 plus I have a cockapoo fur baby called Billy Buff!   If I can do it then so can you! 


I’d love to tell you its easy, I’d love to tell you its quick but the truth is that we are all different.  Being open to the challenge of change and being willing to show up for yourself every day is vital to your self healing journey.

It worked for me and it can work for you too.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and show up for yourself on a daily basis like you deserve to?

Are you ready to break free from from negative thoughts and bad habits that are keeping you stuck in your weight, low energy or mood?

If you answered YES to either of those questions then I can help YOU…..


I am so proud of my blends, I formulated to support women like you.  Adaptogens help to rebalance the body bringing it back to homeostasis – great for balancing hormones, increasing energy whilst helping the body adapt to mental, physical and emotional stress.

Find them online here or stop by Harrods to grab yourself a bag of MIND.BODY nourishing goodness.


Yeah me too! 

I run a Free women’s facebook group called Naomi’s Mind Body Connection – I’d love for you to be part of my budding community of likeminded lovely ladies so please join us.

I am getting really good at my social media too (pat on the back for me) so am always updating my facebook with interesting posts and instagram with fun nutritional facts.

And Finally, I’d love to welcome you onto my mailing list too for regular news, insights and exclusive goodies that you won’t find here! 


Do you need to eat healthier, move more and lose weight?

Do you need to break free from limiting beliefs, negative patterns and bad habits?

Do you want to increase your energy naturally?

Do you want to improve your health, balance your hormones and reverse the signs of ageing in the process? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions then we NEED to work together! 

I have a lot of options available for you, either check out the free stuff or 

Jump on board my 1-2-1 coaching program, Come to a workshop or Download an online Course – if you need me, I am here for you! 


I’d love to hear from you, so if you have got a question, a proposal or would like to give me some feedback or a testimonial then you can get in touch with me here

Thanks for being here and stepping up to your MIND and BODY nutritional needs with Me, Naomi xx


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